MSW Part-Time Placement

Part-time MSW students have a BSW degree beforehand and complete the program in 6 terms.    Social Work 5150 3.0 Critical Perspectives in Social Work must be taken prior to the start of the placement

Time Requirements

The practicum consists of 450 hours to be completed at the placement site.   The placement for MSW part-time students starts in the fall term (September) of the second year of the program.

The Field Education Office strives to support part-time students in their placement and work life balance. Part-time students can complete their field placements by spending a minimum of two (2) full days to a maximum of five full (5) days per week at the placement site

The following are expected timelines depending on the number of placement days per week:

  • 2 placement days/week for approximately 8 months (to the end of April of the following year).
  • 3 placement days/week for approximately 5 months (to the end of January of the following year).
  • Block placement 4 -5 days/week (4 days/week goes to the end of December, 5 days/week goes to the end of November).

It is important for students to note that while the Field Education Office strives to offer part-time students flexibility in completing their placements hours, flexible placement opportunities such as block (4-5 placement days/week) and evening/weekend placements tend to be limited. Therefore it is highly recommended that whenever possible, students attempt to make arrangements to complete 3 placement days/week during regular daytime working hours.  This should be considered prior to entering the program.

Work Placements

A student can request to complete their practicum at their place of work. Students must  complete and submit to the Field Education Coordinator a Work Place Practicum Proposal in addition to the on-line placement application by the specified deadline.

Please note that a work placement is not guaranteed. Certain criteria must be met and work-placement proposals are subject to approval by the Field Education Manager. Please refer to the practicum manual and contact the Field Education Coordinator for more information.

Integrative Seminars

Students will be assigned a Faculty Advisor who will lead four Integrative Seminars throughout the placement.  These seminars provide a forum for students to share practicum experiences and further reflect and integrate theory with practice. Seminars are mandatory and CANNOT BE included in placement hours.

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