BSW Practicum

Practicum Guidelines for BSW Students

The Practicum course is a requirement in the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) program.

Knowledge and Practice Objectives of the BSW Practicum
  • Ability to assess and understand the impact of psycho-social, political, cultural, racial and economic systems on the lives of people.
  • Ability to understand and apply theory into practice.
  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in a process of self-reflection.
  • Knowledge of various strategies of social work intervention with community and institutional systems, small groups, families and individuals and the theoretical bases of these strategies.
  • Ability to conduct culturally sensitive interviews, give and receive information and communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the human resource and service network to facilitate appropriate referrals and understand policy and practice implications.
  • Understanding of policy and practice implications in human service organizations and the impact on the lives of clients.
The Practicum Process

A mandatory Planning For Placement Orientation Session is organized in the Fall term for students planning to begin placement in the following academic year.  The orientation is intended to give students a general overview of the practicum requirement to be ready to apply for placement.

A mandatory Applying for Placement Orientation Session follows to provide students with an outline of the placement process, the responsibilities of the placement student and the Field Office.  The on-line database placement application is also discussed.

Once a placement is secured by the Field Office, students are required to attend the mandatory Beginning Placement Orientation. This session provides  information about the placement documentation required and an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the student, field instructor and faculty advisor.

Please review the BSW DIRECT ENTRY or BSW POST DEGREE sections of this website for further information.