MSW Full-Time Placement

Full-time MSW students begin the planning process for their field placement upon entry into the MSW program. Ensure you read the general information about the MSW field placement (practicum). This web page provides information for the full-time study option.

Core Courses
All core courses with the exception of one course must be completed prior to the start of the placement.
NOTE: attendance in all core courses is mandatory. Students who fail to attend core courses will not be allowed to start their placement.
Social Work 5150.30: Critical Perspectives in Social Work
Social Work 5250.30: Graduate Research Seminar
Social Work 5450.30: Practicum Research Seminar
(Social Work 5450.30 is to be taken concurrently with the practicum)

Time Requirements
The field placement will begin in the second (Winter) term. Full-time students will spend three (3) days per week at the placement site. The expected term of a placement for MSW full-time students is the first or second week in January to the end of May. F/T MSW placements consist of 450 hours to be completed at the negotiated placement site. Please note PRS classes and orientations are required and not included in the 450 hours.

Please register for the Advanced Practicum Course 5350.6 (W) before the placement start.

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