BSW Post Degree Entry Field Placement

The BSW post degree entry study option for the Field Placement (Practicum) course is only for students already holding an undergraduate degree. Ensure you read the general information about the BSW field placement (practicum). This web page provides information for the post degree entry study option.

Time Requirements of the Practicum

BSW placements consist of 700 hours to be completed at the negotiated placement site. Please note integrative seminars and orientations are required and NOT included in the 700 hours.

Post Degree BSW students can complete their field placement by spending a minimum of two days to a maximum of five days per week in the field depending on the agreement negotiated by the student, the agency and the School. Post Degree students may begin the practicum in September or in January. Students may be able to complete a placement within a block of time, e.g., 5 days/week for 5 months or on a part-time basis, e.g., 2 days/week over a longer period of time (i.e., part-time).

Post degree students are able to complete their practicum hours in 3 different formats:

  • Block placement 4 - 5 days/week for approximately 5-6 months
  • Part-time placement 2 - 3 days/week for approximately 8-9 months
  • Evening/weekend minimum 14 hours per week for approximately 11 months

It is important for students to note that while the Field Education Office strives to offer post-degree students flexibility in completing their placements hours, flexible placement opportunities such as evening/weekend placements tend to be limited. Therefore it is highly recommended that whenever possible students attempt to make arrangements to complete their placement hours during regular daytime working hours.

Work Placements

The School of Social Work recognizes that completing the practicum may present some problems for students who are employed full-time and cannot for reasons beyond their control take a leave of absence from work to complete their practicum hours. In such situations a student can request approval to complete their practicum requirement at their place of work. Students making such a request must complete and submit to the Field Education Coordinator a Work Place Practicum Proposal. The Guidelines for Submitting a Work Place Practicum Proposal which outlines the criteria required for a work placement is available at the Field Education Office. It is strongly recommended that students requiring a work placement meet with the Field Education Coordinator to discuss their situation prior to submitting a proposal for approval.

Please note that a work placement is not guaranteed. Certain criteria must be met and work-placement proposals are subject to approval by the Field Education Manager. Please refer to the practicum manual or contact the field office for more information.

Integrative Seminars

Integrative Seminars provide a forum for students to share practicum experiences and discuss common concerns about social work practice in a safe environment. These seminars also provide a forum for reflection and further integration of theory and practice. Integrative Seminars are mandatory, and are planned and delivered by the Faculty Advisors four times per term. If scheduling conflicts or attendance issues arise, students must address these concerns with their respective Faculty Advisor.

Practicum Pre-Requisites

In order for BSW students to be eligible to register in the practicum course they must have completed all the core social work courses listed below and submit a complete application package to the Field Education Office. The package should include:

  • application form
  • an up-to-date resume
  • a generic cover letter

Core Social Work Courses

  • AP/SOWK 1010.06 Critical Foundations of Social Work (direct entry students only)
  • AP/SOWK 2030.06 Perspectives on Society
  • AP/SOWK 2050.06 Identity, Diversity and Anti-Discriminatory Practice
  • AP/SOWK 3041.03 Communication
  • AP/SOWK 3060.06 Integrated Social Work Practice
  • AP/SOWK 3070.03 Foundations of Social Work
  • AP/SOWK 3110.03 Policy Frameworks
  • AP/SOWK 4020.03 Issues in the Study of the Welfare State: Power, Organization and Bureaucracy (Completed before or concurrently with placement)

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