BSW Direct Entry Placement


Field Placement (Practicum) Pre-Requisites

To apply for placement, students must have successfully completed all core social work courses as listed below, AND 57 credits in non-social work courses (SOWK 4020 must be taken concurrently with placement)

Core Social Work Courses

  • AP/SOWK 1011.06 Introduction to Critical Social Work (direct entry students only)
  • AP/SOWK 2060.03 Social Justice Work with Groups, Communities & Social Movements
  • AP/SOWK 2070.03 Indigenous Understandings in Social Work Theory and Practice
  • AP/SOWK 2050.06 Identity, Diversity and Anti-Discriminatory Practice
  • AP/SOWK 3041.03 Communication
  • AP/SOWK 3060.06 Integrated Social Work Practice
  • AP/SOWK 3070.03 Foundations of Social Work
  • AP/SOWK 3110.03 Policy Frameworks
  • AP/SOWK 4020.03 Issues in the Study of the Welfare State: Power, Organization and Bureaucracy (Completed concurrently with placement)

Time Requirements of the Practicum

BSW placements consist of 700 hours to be completed at the placement site, 3 days a week beginning in September and continuing through April.

Integrative Seminars

Students will be assigned a Faculty Advisor who will lead four Integrative Seminars throughout the placement.  Integrative seminars provide a forum for students to share practicum experiences and discuss common concerns about social work practice in a safe environment. These seminars also provide a forum for reflection and further integration of theory and practice. Integrative Seminars are mandatory and CANNOT be included in placement hours.