The following are a list of common terms used within the School of Social Work and are provided to help those new to SSW better understand the services we offer.

Practicum/Field Placement
The field placement requirement of both the BSW program and the MSW program is referred to interchangeably as field placement and practicum.

BSW Direct Entry
BSW Direct Entry refers to students who enter the BSW program directly from high school or college or are University transfer students.

BSW Post Degree
BSW Post Degree refers to students who enter the BSW program after completing an undergraduate degree in another discipline.

Faculty Advisor
The Faculty Advisor is the faculty member responsible for a student while completing their field placement. The Faculty Advisor provides support and guidance to the student. They also review the field instructor's evaluation of a student while on placement, and confirm their readiness to practice social work following graduation.

Field Education Office
The field education office is the group of staff and faculty that are directly responsible for assisting students in securing field placement opportunities as required by their program. This includes the Director of Field Education; the Field Education Coordinators and the Practicum Office Assistant.

Field Instructors
Field Instructors are the social work practitioners who supervise and mentor students while they are on placement at their agency. Field instructors are responsible for evaluating the student's ability to practice social work professionally at the BSW or MSW level.

Field Placement Sites
Field placement sites are the agencies or institutions where students complete their field placements.